Comunicado da Celtic Druid Alliance


The Celtic Druid Alliance had its inaugural gathering at Temple Crom in the west of Ireland on the 22/23 September 2016. The Celtic Druid Alliance is a European based global organisation hosting a platform for compliance with the Primordial Tradition. It is founded on integrating the true principles of Love and Light and is open to include all beings and ritual gatherings that truly aspire to a connection with a Celtic appreciation of the Primordial Tradition.

The Celtic Druid Alliance has an Inner Council whose members are senior Celtic Druids within its membership organisations. The next planned meeting of the Celtic Druid Alliance is set for the 2019 September Equinox weekend at Centro Druídico da Lusitânea, Reguengos, near Évora, in Portugal.

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Encontro Internacional da Celtic Druid Alliance 2019


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